The Carleton’s Women’s Basketball team took the country by storm this past year, ending up with a bronze medal at the U-Sports national championship in Victoria, B.C.. It was their best performance ever!

catherine traer holding a basketball

Photo credit: Vikes

Catherine Traer, a master’s student in Political Science, is the only graduate student on the team.

“I’m so glad and proud of the girls for playing the way that we did in the bronze medal game, with so much heart and hustle, which helped us finish off the season on such a high-note,” says Traer. “I’m also very proud of the team for winning a historical first Ontario University Association Women’s Basketball Championship banner which we will gladly see hung up in the gym next season.”

Traer says it’s not easy balancing her full-time studies and a TAship with basketball. In addition to her academic responsibilities, she spends more than 20 hours on the basketball court plus physical therapy sessions, film sessions, and weight room training. In addition, she typically participates in two games and practice sessions many weekends, sometimes having to travel for games.

“I don’t have much free time!” smiles Traer. But she still manages to find a little time to practise yoga, read and binge-watch Netflix.

Carleton Ravens Edge Ryerson Rams 71-65 in Overtime

Carleton Ravens Edge Ryerson Rams 71-65 in Overtime. Photo credit: Valerie Wutti

Traer makes the most of every opportunity. “I have to be so much more organized than most other students in order to stay on track. However, as much as my friends and classmates cringe when I tell them about my busy schedule, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

Traer says her courses are very interesting, noting that there is a broad range of topics to choose from. “My classmates are great and my professors are all very interested and supportive of my life as a student-athlete.”

In May, she will be travelling to Johannesburg in South Africa to complete a three-week Carleton Study Abroad course on Migration in South Africa. For more information about that course, click here on Carleton’s Future Funder page.

And she says it is an exciting prospect that all of the women’s basketball team will be back next year. “We will do everything we can to get the gold medal next year.”

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