The Graduate Students’ Association offers many grants including two aimed at helping students who are parents, or who are going on leave for a family-related reason. Check them out and apply today!

The Childcare Grant (Student-Parent or Guardian Participation in Extracurricular Academic Activities) is to help graduate student parents and guardians pursue academic interests at related events outside of regular childcare hours. The grant helps defray the costs of childcare for parents attending academic events.

The Family Leave Grant is designed to provide financial support for full-time and part-time Master’s and PhD students who require academic leave for parental leave or other family-related issues. To be considered for this grant, applicants must demonstrate financial need, not be receiving other forms of leave pay, and show proof of registration for two terms prior to the start of the leave. The grant is for a one-time amount of $1,500.

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  1. Sheila says:

    Thank you for the two new childcare & family leave grants.

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