The Government of Ontario has made changes to the rules surrounding the Public Sector Accountability Act (2011) that require travel policy changes at Carleton. These changes go into effect after Sept. 30, 2017.

Graduate students whose travel is paid via the Student Support Budget prior to their travel (via a travel bursary) are not affected by this.

However, if you are a Carleton employee (e.g. RA or RA), and if your travel is charged to operating or internally restricted  research funds and if your travel is being paid by your faculty supervisor, please note the following:

Pre-Approval for Travel

The university’s travel policy currently states that individuals must now obtain the approval of their immediate supervisor prior to any travel.

The provincial government has indicated that auditable documentation of the pre-approval for travel must now be made available. For frequent travellers (three or more trips during the previous fiscal year), a blanket approval may be obtained. For all other travellers, evidence of pre-approval (e.g. email confirmation) must be attached to the expense reimbursement claim where operating funds (i.e. fund 100000) or internally restricted research (IRR fund starting with 18XXXX) are being charged.

Travel Policy

For the complete policy, go to:  Travel and Related Expenses