The Graduate program departments have been working with the Human Resources team to help make signing up for research payments for graduate students faster and easier with new online tools. Following a small pilot group last term, they are launching the new Job Requisitions system to all Grad Research Students for the summer term.

What’s new?

They are going paperless. Rather than completing papers to set up students to receive their research grant funding, they are moving to an online tool that provides workflow approvals for funding and online forms for students to complete their hiring documentation.

How do I access the online tool?

  1. You will receive an email from the Job Requisition system indicating you have an offer waiting for you to processed.
  2. Log into Carleton Central.
  3. If you are new to being employed by Carleton you’ll have access to the HR Admin Tab that will give you a list of forms and your RA job offer to accept.  If you have already been employed by Carleton, you’ll find ‘Review Job Offers’ under the Employee Services tab.
  4. The student guide has all the details on how to access the system and contains a walk-through of each form to will help you get through the process.

How do I complete my employee document to get paid?

It’s all online! You will have access to providing banking and tax forms online and will no longer require the verification process of coming in person to the HR department to drop off paper work or show ID.

How does it impact my payments? Apply payments to tuition fees?

You will always be paid based on the timing of information provided. You are encouraged to complete the online forms as quickly as possible to ensure your file is uploaded to the pay system. Payroll timelines are posted on our website for reference. If you are currently eligible to have your funding applied to your tuition, you will be contacted by Sandy Mazereeuw in Student Accounts.  If you have any questions about applying your RA payments, please contact her directly.

More information or questions

FAQ are posted on the HR website and you may also contact your department administrator or Human Resources.

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