Political events have put the spotlight on border issues in recent months. There is a growing need to understand borders and processes of bordering.

This exciting summer course introduces students to cutting edge theoretical developments and recent research in the interdisciplinary and increasingly popular field of border studies.

The course is organized around six key themes: (1) Borders and history, (2) Borders and culture, (3) Borders and governance, (4) Borders and flows (migration, goods and information), (5) Border security and  (6) Borders and sustainability.

The course draws on fascinating case studies that illustrate the current progressive and transformative challenges occurring in and around the borders of Canada, and in particular Ontario. The course material is delivered through a diversity of media (videoclips, power points with voice over, and readings). At the end of the course, students will convene to participate in tutorial discussions at Carleton University and a class fieldtrip.

The course is directed toward graduate and senior undergraduate students, as well as government employees and other professionals working in relevant fields.

Registration Opens March 23!

Please contact MelissaN.Kelly@Carleton.ca if you have any questions.

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