This is an update from the Board of Governors meeting (June 27/17).

Dominion Chalmers United Church

The board discussed the concept of purchasing the Dominion Chalmers United Church.  No final decision was made on the project at the meeting.  The administration will do further due diligence, including engaging stakeholders, during the next 90 days.  The process will be led by Interim President and Vice-Chancellor, Alastair Summerlee.

Combined Heat and Power Plant Addition

Approval was given to the design of the combined heat and power plant addition. The project, which is a collaboration with Hydro Ottawa, involves the design, construction and commissioning of a new combined heat and power system at the existing central heating plant.

Executive Human Resources/Compensation Sub-Committee Terms of Reference

Revised terms of reference for the Executive Human Resources/Compensation Sub-Committee were approved.

Review of Appointment Guidelines

As part of the mandatory review process, revised appointment guidelines for the following positions were approved:

  • Chancellor
  • Provost and Vice-President (Academic)
  • Vice-President (Finance and Administration)
  • Vice-President (Research and International)
  • Vice-President (Students and Enrolment)
  • University Secretary
  • Appointments by the President of Senior Academic Administrators

The guidelines were last revised in April 2014.  There were no fundamental changes.

Members of the Board on the Advisory Committee on the President’s Selection

Approval was given to the following community and staff board members on the Advisory Committee on the President’s Selection:

  • Bob Wener (community member at large)
  • Jay Nordenstrom (community member at large)
  • Rosemary Thompson (community member at large)
  • Clair Switzer (staff member)

Additional members of the committee include:

  • The Chair – Chris Carruthers (ex officio)
  • The Vice-Chair – Nik Nanos (ex officio)
  • Three faculty elected by Senate: Adrian Chan, Joshua Greenberg and Elinor Sloan
  • One senior administrator: Rafik Goubran and one dean Linda Schweitzer (elected by Vice-Presidents Academic Review Committee)
  • One undergrad and grad student elected by Senate: Matthew Pelletier and Ahmed Hassan

Talk Exchange

The Board approved a motion to continue the engagement exercise and that a plan for the Community Relations and Advancement Committee will be prepared for board consideration, including a proposed mandate for the Talk Exchange, the frequency of gatherings, potential topics and dealing with actionable suggestions.

Chair’s Report

The chair thanked the president for her service to the community and presented a gift on behalf of the board, students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors.  The chair also announced that an endowed fund in Roseann’s name would be created as a token of appreciation for her leadership and contributions to the university.

The university will be required to submit its Executive Compensation Framework to the province by Sept. 29, 2017.  The board will be updated about the submission process at its Oct. 5, 2017 meeting and there will be an opportunity for input on the framework after the response from the province is received.

A working group of three Executive Committee members will be established to interview and/or receive presentations from selected qualified firms to assist with the presidential search.  Members will include, Chris Carruthers, Nik Nanos, Bob Wener, Elinor Sloan and Ken Evans.   Rob Thomas, AVP of Human Resources, and Amanda Goth University Secretary, will be a resource to the working group.

President’s Report

The president provided updates on the Strategic Mandate Agreement, the Strategic Integrated Plan, the president’s annual report 2017’18 and a summary document titled “From Defining Dreams to Building Sustainability, 2008’17,” a summary of the university achievements and excellence in the last nine years.

Committee Reports

Updates were provided to the board on various committees including the Building Program Committee, Community Relations and Advancement Committee, the Finance Committee and the Governance Committee.

Upcoming Meeting

  • The next Board of Governors meeting is scheduled for Oct. 5, 2017.

I would also like congratulate Nik Nanos on his election as vice-chair of the board for a one-year term effective July 1, 2017.

Dr. Chris Carruthers
Chair, Carleton University Board of Governors

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