New students, don’t forget to apply online ( by August 16th for your campus ID and universal transit pass (U-Pass).

Returning students, your blue U-Pass is renewable for each pass period while you’re eligible ( for the program. To renew (, visit the recharging kiosk on the 4th floor of the University Centre that matches the last two digits of your student ID number. This service is available starting August 16th for the upcoming fall/winter period. It’s important to keep your U-Pass safe even if you aren’t currently eligible as you can tap and recharge the next semester that you are eligible. Students who misplace their card will be charged the $25 replacement fee.

Information about opting out is available on the U-Pass website ( For those who are eligible to opt out, please do not pick up or recharge your U-Pass card, as applicable. If you already have, the U-Pass card must be returned by September 14 for the fall term and January 14 for the winter term to receive a full refund (less the administrative fee). After these dates, your refund will be pro-rated (