Carleton University is committed to maintaining a positive learning, working and living environment where sexual violence is not tolerated, and treated with the seriousness it deserves. Our Sexual Violence Policy states that any individual who discloses they’ve experienced sexual violence will be provided support services, and that they will be treated with dignity and respect at all times by the University and its representatives. A person who experiences sexual violence is not required to report the sexual violence under the formal complaint process of the Sexual Violence Policy in order to receive support, or to receive appropriate accommodations for their needs.

For more information about the supports and services available at the University, visit:

Sexual Violence Disclosure in an Emergency

In an emergency on campus (i.e., imminent threat of sexual violence or harm to a person or sexual violence actually occurring), a report can be made in the following ways:
– Call 911
– University Safety emergency number 613-520-4444

When a person discloses an incident of sexual violence to University Safety, University Safety must inform Equity Services for follow-up.

Sexual Violence Disclosure in a Non-Emergency

Equity and Inclusive Community’s Sexual Assault Support Centre is responsible for handling all disclosures of sexual violence involving a member of the University community in a non-emergency situation, whether the sexual violence has occurred on or off campus. The Sexual Assault Support Centre can provide information about available options and resources, provide supporting documentation for academic accommodation, and assist in safety planning.

For more information please call 613-520-5622 or email

Filing a Formal Complaint of Sexual Violence

The Associate Vice-President of Student Affairs (or designate) is responsible for receiving (in writing) formal complaints of sexual violence related to students. The Director of Employee and Labour Relations (or designate) is responsible for receiving formal complaints related to all other groups. In the case where the Respondent is both a student and an employee, the complaint may be submitted to either of these two parties but will be jointly received.
Only a person who reports experiencing sexual violence can choose to file a formal complaint under the Sexual Violence Policy; there is no third party reporting option.

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