PhD students and faculty are invited to submit their ideas to The Conversation”.  They ask authors to please sign up and then pitch an article idea, rather than email a fully written article to the editors. Here are some of the topics they are looking for.

Tokyo Olympics

The Conversation Canada is looking to provide expanded coverage of the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, which will be held July 23-Aug. 8.

We are interested in connecting with experts on all aspects of the Olympics, including but not limited to:

  • The history of Olympic sports
  • The unique aspects of the Tokyo Games, the first to be delayed a year because of a pandemic
  • The politics of the Olympic Games
  • The science of Olympic sports
  • Explainers on athletic achievements, training routines, mental preparations and physiology

In addition to providing stories in advance of the Games, The Conversation Canada wants to assemble a team of experts who would be available to write on very short notice to respond to breaking news from Tokyo, be it drug testing, protests, athletic achievements, injuries or other unexpected events. We will have an editor dedicated to working on this project and would like to line up academic experts in advance who could be ready to write when needed.

Please contact Scott White ( with ideas or experts who could work with us on our Olympic coverage.


Japanese film:   Seeking pitches from Japanese film experts related to the Toronto Japanese Film Festival beginning early June until the end of the month. Pitches could relate to film premieres, notable screenings, esthetic analyses and commentaries or themes in Japanese film including LGBTQ storylines as seen in the romance The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese, (timely for Pride month). Deadline:  June 15  Editor: Susannah Schmidt,


Looking for a fresh take on why one of the richest teams in the NHL — the Toronto Maple Leafs — remains such a consistent playoff loser, unlike wealthy teams in other professional sports leagues. What’s next for the team? Whose heads will roll this time? Will it make any difference? Deadline: ASAP Editor: Lee-Anne Goodman, 

Culture + Society:

In the wake of the news of 215 Indigenous children’s reamins being found at the site of Kamloops former Indian Residential School as #CancelCanadaDay trends and as statues are torn down across the country what does this all mean? How can we move forward? Is cancelling Canada Day a feasible option?  Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Haley Lewis, 

Pride month: We are looking for contributions that examine how Pride festivities resonate across cultures and alienation/discrimination experienced by racialized LGBTQ people, or the religious queer experience. Deadline: ASAP.

Energy + Environment:

What is “green hydrogen”? What is “blue hydrogen”? Canada and Germany recently signed an agreement to co-operate on energy research and policy, with a focus on low-carbon fuels. I’m looking for an explainer that describes the role hydrogen will play in the energy economy and transition from fossil fuels — and explains just what all these new terms mean. Deadline: June 15. Editor: Hannah Hoag,


Papal apologies:  Some Catholic priests, nuns theologians and church members started a petition calling on the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to to invite Pope Francis to come to Canada to make a public apology regarding Residential Schools, and to engage the whole church in responding to TRC calls. Seeking an explainer of the Papal apology in Ireland and Bolivia, how these came to be and implications for the global Catholic Church and those who have been harmed by both colonization and sexual abuse. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Susannah Schmidt,

Anti-hate and anti-racist education: Seeking specific research about particular approaches, programs or curricula designed to teaching students to recognize and combat hate and racism. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Susannah Schmidt,

Legal experts, liability and the Catholic church: We’d like to hear from legal experts who have familiarity with cases in Canada or internationally pertaining to Catholic bishops, dioceses and attempts to isolate church assets from financial liability stemming from lawsuits related to wrongdoing and harm. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Susannah Schmidt,


B.1.617 and vaccines: Should the delta variant’s greater transmissibility and risk of more serious illness change vaccine priorities and strategy?  Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Patricia Nicholson, 

Should be keep wearing masks? Looking for a story about who might continue to wear masks when the COVID-19 pandemic wanes, where they might still be appropriate and why. Also, what might be some drawbacks to some people continuing to wear masks (for example, assumptions about health status). Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Patricia Nicholson, 

Looking for up-to-date sunscreen recommendations, including the implications of research suggesting some sunscreen ingredients enter the bloodstream: safest and most effective ingredients for adults and kids, and sunscreen alternatives such as sun-protective clothing and swimwear. Anticipation is high this year for summer activities, and people may be spending more time outdoors because of ongoing restrictions on indoor activities. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Patricia Nicholson, 

Second-dose side-effects: What should people expect in terms of side-effects with a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine? Does research indicate side-effects are more severe for second doses? Are there differences in second dose side-effect profiles between mRNA vaccines and AstraZeneca, or for mixed doses (Astrazeneca followed by an mRNA vaccine as booster dose)? Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Patricia Nicholson, 


Pierre Trudeau was among the Canadian political leaders who was dismissive of Indigenous rights, refused Indigenous Peoples the right to self-govern, advocated for the abolition of the Indian Act and called for the integration of Indigenous people into society. Now his son is dealing with the fallout. Looking for someone who can write a historical perspective. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Lee-Anne Goodman,

Why isn’t the grave site of 215 Indigenous children being deemed a crime scene? Looking for a criminologist to explain and to delve into what investigators are likely looking for at the site in Kamloops. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Lee-Anne Goodman,

Science & Technology:

What have we learned from studying animals? We’re looking for stories about the use of animals in scientific research, from biomimicry to testing. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Nehal El-Hadi,

We’re looking for stories on the relationships between scientific discoveries and military research. This can be historical (e.g. ARPANET), current (e.g. biomimicry in drones and bomb-sniffing robots) or experimental (e.g. invisibility cloaks and new materials development). We’re interested in both the research and societal impacts of these technologies. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Nehal El-Hadi,

Science & Technology:

An investigation has found that the RCMP’s use of Clearview’s facial recognition technology violated privacy law. Another investigation revealed that TikTok manipulated users’ faces without notifying them. We’re interested in research that examine the relationship between human faces and technology — the development and application of AI, the cultural insecurities produced by deepfakes, how people subvert cameras, etc. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Nehal El-Hadi,

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