PhD students and faculty are invited to submit their ideas to The Conversation”.  They ask authors to please sign up and then pitch an article idea, rather than email a fully written article to the editors. Here are some of the topics they are looking for:


Canadian Art magazine announced it will close after 37 years due to revenue loss resulting from the pandemic. Many museums also say they are in crisis mode. Seeking research / commentary about comparative policy for investing in visual art, magazines or creative sectors. Can’t Canada do better?

Deadline:  ASAP

The Giller shortlist has been announced: Seeking pitches related to nominated books, including  Omar El Akkad’s What Strange Paradise and Cheluchi Onyemelukwe-Onuobia’s novel The Son of the House.

Deadline: Oct. 25

Editor: Susannah Schmidt,


With Halloween approaching, what sort of “culturally relevant” costumes are we going to see and why? From last year’s plague doctors to this year’s … vaccine? Or Squid Game? What makes a costume culturally relevant and why do people choose them?

Deadline: Oct. 18

Looking to line up some pieces for Islamic Heritage Month (October).

Deadline: ASAP

Editor: Haley Lewis,


Looking for a practical explainer/manual on how to quit Facebook. How to hold onto your photos, your posts? What about neighbourhood groups you might be part of and rely on for information? Ideas and suggestions for quitting it as painlessly as possible.

Deadline: ASAP

Editor: Lee-Anne Goodman,


Flu season FAQ: What do people need to know about this year’s flu shot? Is it safe to get a flu shot at the same time as a COVID-19 shot, or between first and second COVID-19 vaccine doses? Last year saw fewer flu cases than usual because of COVID-19 prevention measures; will this year be different? How might flu season interact with fourth wave COVID-19?

Deadline: ASAP

COVID-19 vaccine booster shots: Who might benefit from a third shot? Under what circumstances might they be recommended for the general public?

Deadline: ASAP

Editor: Patricia Nicholson,

Energy + Environment:

As part of our global coverage on climate change and the COP26 meeting in Glasgow, I’m looking for stories about the following:

  • Sea level rise in Canadian coastal cities and communities.
  • Melting glaciers in British Columbia and the impact on communities.
  • Risks, impacts and adaptation in rural and remote communities.

Deadline: ASAP

Earlier this week, Canada announced its support of the Global Methane Pledge. During the election campaign the Liberals said the government would cut methane emissions from the oil and gas sector by 75 per cent from 2012 levels. I’m looking for an article that explains the pledge and analyzes Canada’s policies to meet the commitment.

Deadline: ASAP

Editor: Hannah Hoag,


Seeking Halloween family festivity or craft story ideas that draw on research either about the significance of family rituals or kids’ needs during the pandemic.

Deadline: ASAP

Editor: Susannah Schmidt,

We ask authors to please sign up and then pitch an article idea, rather than email a fully written article to the editors.

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