PhD students and faculty are invited to submit their ideas to The Conversation”.  They ask authors to please sign up and then pitch an article idea, rather than email a fully written article to the editors. Here are some of the topics they are looking for.


In Vancouver, outrage about billboards of photos of sleeping people led to the photos’ removal. According to the photographer, the images “recall the poses found in religious paintings and sculpture wherein bodes appear to be in states of ecstasy.” Seeking an art historian to explain and analyze the outrage or how this connects with earlier depictions of bodies in vulnerable and “in-between” states. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Susannah Schmidt,

Why are there Mother’s Day cards featuring Moira Rose of Schitt’s Creek? Is she the best mom ever? Seeking a researcher with mother-related expertise to comment. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Nehal El Hadi,

Culture + Society:

What emoji skin tone you select says about your understanding of race. Touching on digital blackface and the importance in intention with regards to your emoji selection. As our lives remain digital and emojis make their way into the workplace, it becomes more and more important to consider the implications behind your selection. Deadline: May 6.  Editor: Haley Lewis,

Pandemic evictions. What rules were in place when the pandemic first started, how have they changed and what’s happening now? Where does this leave vulnerable renters who can’t make rent? Many courts are also dealing with a backlog of cases, so how many tenants are ending up on the curb?  Deadline: May 6. Editor: Haley Lewis,

TikTok is a breeding ground for diverse creators, and it’s a platform that offers a safe space for consumers to learn. Many Black and Indigenous creators are rising to stardom not only for their content, but also for their ability to educate. They’re being celebrated and the comment sections aren’t as inundated with racism as other platforms. Why is TikTok a better platform for educating the masses? Does it have anything to do with the fact that feeds are created for us rather than dictated by who we follow? Deadline: May 11. Editor: Haley Lewis,

“Six Days in Fallujah” is an upcoming first-person shooter video game where players follow a U.S. soldier in 2004 during the Iraq War. We are looking for contributions that discuss the representation of war in video games, dehumanization and the trivialization of violence. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Ibrahim Daair,


Criticisms of Alberta’s new proposed curriculum have culminated with multiple Alberta school boards saying they refuse to implement new curriculum in September. Seeking a history or analysis of issues around board autonomy vs. ministerial decisions when it comes to contentious education decisions. Deadline:  May 20. Editor: Susannah Schmidt,

Energy + Environment:

An upcoming UN report emphasizes the need to cut methane emissions. Methane levels reached a new record in 2020, and scientists estimate that its release from oil and gas production are larger than thought. I’m looking for pitches that explain methane’s role in climate change, and the significance of the report. What is Canada’s role in producing and reducing methane emissions? Deadline: May 14. Editor: Hannah Hoag,

Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine has been approved for emergency use by Health Canada, and shipments are expected next week. What do Canadians need to know about this vaccine: How does it work? Why does it only need one dose? Why was its use temporarily suspended in the U.S.? Has it had the same type of blood clot issues as the AstraZeneca vaccine? Is it a more appropriate choice for certain age groups or risk groups? Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Patricia Nicholson,

How is COVID-19 affecting population demographics? Looking for experts to weigh in on changes to populations globally and/or within Canada, including births and deaths, immigration, displacement, urban/rural shifts, migrant labour, etc. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Nehal El-Hadi,

New comments by NACI about the AstraZeneca vaccine has caused an outrage, especially among those who have already received it after being told “the best vaccine you can get is whatever’s available” by public health officials. Why has so much of the messaging and marketing about vaccines been contradictory and confusing. Looking for a PR/marketing expert to weigh in. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Lee-Anne Goodman,

The Ontario government’s steadfast strategy of blaming the federal government for its pandemic response isn’t going over well with Ontario residents. The outrage suggests people are tired of the us vs. them, tribalism aspect of politics, especially during times of crisis. Looking for someone to tackle the fatigue Canadians feel about this form of politics and whether the pandemic could sound the death knell for political tribalism/partisanship. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Lee-Anne Goodman,

Science & Technology:
We’re looking for biologists and bioethicists to respond to the recent announcement that scientists have fused human and primate cells in an embryo — we’re interested in the implications, and also other examples of human-animal chimeras in scientific research. We’re also interested in pieces that look at the history of chimeras in science. Deadline: ASAP. Editor: Nehal El-Hadi,

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