July 23: For those students who want to graduate this fall, we strongly encourage you to submit your supervisor-approved thesis, in examinable form, to your department by this date.

July 23: Last day for a full fee adjustment when withdrawing from late summer courses (financial withdrawal).

July 30: Last day to request Formal Examination Accommodation for August examinations to the Paul Mention Centre for Students with Disabilities. Note that it may not be possible to fulfill accommodation requests received after the specified deadlines.

August 2: Civic holiday. University closed.

August 16:

  • Summer term financial holds preventing access to grades through Carleton Central and the release of official documents will be applied to accounts with an outstanding balance.
  • Last day of late summer and full summer classes.
  • Last day for academic withdrawal from late summer and full summer courses.
  • Last day for handing in term assignments, subject to any earlier course deadline.

August 17-18: No classes or examinations take place.

August 25: Fall payment deadline. Visit the Student Accounts website for important payment information. Late charges may be applied to the student account any time after this date.

September 1: Last day for receipt of applications from potential fall (November) graduates.

September 6: Statutory holiday. University closed.

For a complete list of all official academic and financial dates and deadlines, please go to the Registrar’s websiteFor all financial matters, go to Student Accounts.

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