Any Carleton student who had received employment income from the university, such as TAs, Type B RAs, those with casual jobs etc., please read the following.

T4 and T4A

Electronic T4s for 2021 will be made available by Feb. 28. 

Carleton uses an electronic T4 process. To view your T4 or T4A, visit Carleton Central. Once logged in, select the ‘Employee Services’ tab and then ‘Tax Forms’.

Pay Dates

At Carleton, salaries are paid twice monthly; please see the actual pay dates on the Human Resources website  under the calendar of events.

Your Electronic Direct Deposit Advice Notice (Pay Stub) is available on Carleton Central the day before the actual pay day. Once logged in, select the ‘Employee Services’ tab, ‘Pay Information’, and ‘Direct Deposit Advice’.


If you claimed more than the Basic Personal Amount for 2021 you should complete a new TD1 for 2022 (for example, if you were claiming tuition in 2021 but can no longer claim it in 2022).

New TD1 forms, as well as information about these forms, can be found here on the Human Resources website.

If you have questions about your pay, please email Payroll Services (

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