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Current Grad Students Newsletter

Graduate Student News and COVID Information

Please note that this is the final newsletter for this term. The next newsletter will be available on January 7. If you have any questions, please email us at:

Regular updates about how Carleton is coping with the COVID-19 pandemic are available by clicking here. For questions concerning current graduate students, click here. To view FAQs for prospective graduate students, click here. International graduate students, please check out FAQs on the ISSO website. You can find out which buildings are open on campus by clicking here. This COVID-19 screening form must be completed each day you plan to enter a Carleton University building.

Are you planning for the holidays? We have updated our COVID-19 FAQS with information for faculty, staff and students. Click here.

Winter Term

The Winter 2021 term will begin on Monday, January 11, 2021. All courses will be offered online or through other methods of distance learning. A small number of pilot projects involving some on-campus learning activities may be allowed on a voluntary basis.

Please note that FGPA and the University will be closed for the holidays from December 24 to January 5, 2021. We wish you and yours a safe and happy holiday.

Need Help?

As the Fall term draws to an end, you may be feeling stressed out. If so, check out the following resources.

Health and Counselling Services remains open virtually and continues to provide counselling opportunities to domestic students through telephone or video options. International students who have moved to Canada and are paying health fees are also eligible for counselling services. Please call 613-520-6674 to book an appointment. You will be triaged by telephone to determine the safest way to provide care. A permanent, full-time Grad Counsellor, Magda Georgescu, has been hired to assist graduate students.

Carleton offers virtual support services to all students through TAO Online Self-Help and Therapy.

International students residing in their home country can visit this website for a list of resources. ISSO has organized a series of workshops for international students.

Due to licencing requirements, the medical staff (physicians) can only assist students in Ontario.

Health and Counselling Services is closed for the holidays from noon on December 23 until January 6.

Professional Development

All of the professional development workshops are now over for the fall term. But we have already started adding new workshops for next term. You can view upcoming events by clicking here.

Orientation for New Winter Grad Students

Will you be a new graduate student at Carleton this Winter? If so, you can now register for the virtual Winter Orientation here. Orientation materials will be made available to registrants on January 7.

Teaching Assistants - LOAs and New TAs

If you are an international student on a Leave of Absence (LOA) or thinking about taking an LOA, it is mandatory for you to get in touch with the International Student Services Office.

Is Fall 2020 your last term of study and you are applying to graduate? If you are an international student, your UHIP will expire December 31. If you plan on remaining in Canada, you need to apply to extend your UHIP to June 30, 2021. Email for more details.

Taking online classes from outside Canada for Winter 2021? If so, then UHIP is not required and you can opt out by clicking here.

To read information from the ISSO’s December 9 newsletter, click here. There is up-to-date information about things you need to know about studying in Canada and other matters.

Carleton Research Funds Show Rapid Growth As Researchers Shine Internationally

Carleton’s research income has grown to more than $81 million, an increase of more than 50 per cent over the last two years. After achieving the highest growth in research income among comprehensive universities in Re$earch Infosource’s Top 50 Research Rankings last year, Carleton has again placed in the Top 3 in Canada as funds grew by 17 per cent.

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Official Launch of Mental Health and Well-being Research and Training Hub

The Mental Health and Well-being Research and Training Hub (MeWeRTH) is composed of researchers, students, and community partners with a shared interest in mental health, well-being, and resilience. MeWeRTH is a virtual space housed within the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Carleton University. To celebrate its official launch, MeWeRTH will be hosting a virtual hub showcase today, December 10 from 2:30 p.m. to 4 p.m. Register here

Carleton Launches Action Plan to Accelerate Equity, Diversity and Inclusion on Campus

Not everyone feels fully welcome at university. It is within reach to change that, but it will take careful consideration of how inequities can permeate academic institutions—and require concrete action to eliminate them. Carleton’s new Equity Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan aims to accelerate these successes and outcomes.

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PhD Students - Publication Opportunity

The Conversation is an online publication that is looking for specific story ideas from PhD students and faculty.

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Summary - Board of Governors

The latest edition of the Board Summary is now available. The December 1, 2020 meeting was held remotely. The Board unanimously approved the renewal of Chancellor Yaprak Baltacioğlu, as well as the operating budget framework for the upcoming year.  Governors also received presentations on Carleton’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Action Plan, and the International Strategic Plan.

Carleton Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre Partner Wins GG History Award

Carleton University’s Geomatics and Cartographic Research Centre is proud to announce that its partner’s Gwich’in Goonanh’kak Googwandak: The Places and Stories of the Gwich’in project has just won the 2020 Governor General’s History Award for Excellence in Community Programming.

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Business Professor Rick Colbourne Investigates the Economic Impact of the Pandemic on Indigenous Communities

Suitably armed with a string of life experiences, a network of multiskilled collaborators and notable academic credentials, Rick Colbourne is settling into the Sprott School of Business and focusing on managing a different type of change: reconciliation and decolonization.

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Improving Purée-Based Foods Can Help COVID-19 Patients Who Have Difficulty Swallowing

Among COVID’s many symptoms is dysphagia – or difficulty swallowing. Purée–based foods can help – but they have their own set challenges. Too thick, and some patients can’t swallow. Too runny, and they can choke. Chemistry Prof. Farah Hosseinian is working with an Orleans-based food processing company to get the consistency of their food products just right.

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Faculty of Engineering and Design Building More Support for Women

Engineering Prof. Winnie Ye is the Chair of Women in Engineering for the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Canada. Today, she is seeing a different environment for female students and faculty who are coming to Carleton for programs in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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Carleton’s Derek Mueller Studies Consequences of Climate Change in Canada’s Arctic

The Milne Ice Shelf on the northwest coast of Nunavut’s Ellesmere Island has broken up, reducing in size by almost half and setting large ice islands adrift in the Arctic Ocean. Carleton Geography Prof. Derek Mueller has visited the ice shelf 12 times since 2001 and was scheduled to visit again this summer before the trip was cancelled due to COVID-19. Alongside his colleague, Murray Richardson, he is exploring how climate change is impacting the melting of ice shelves.

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Grad Student Research: How Did Climate Change Transform Venus?

Astronomers once believed that Venus has been hot for most of its existence but new research has emerged to indicate that this may not be the case. Like Mars, Venus may have once been cool enough to host liquid water — and now, thanks to a recent study from Carleton University, scientists have found direct geological evidence of this much-more-hospitable past. The study was led by Sara Khawja, a master’s student in Carleton’s Department of Earth Sciences, and published in Nature Communications.

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An Alumna Discusses “An Ambulance on Safari”

Recent History PhD graduate Melissa Armstrong’s new work is the only published book-length analysis of the political and medical history of the African National Congress’ Health Department that cared for anti-apartheid exiles during the struggle for liberation.

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Important Dates and Deadlines

For a complete list of all official academic and financial dates and deadlines, please go to the Registrar’s websiteFor all financial matters, go to Student Accounts.

Please note that classes on Friday, December 11, 2020, will follow a Monday schedule.


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