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Graduate Student News

The Graduate@Carleton newsletter is typically distributed every Thursday morning. The next newsletter will be sent to you on July 29. If you have any questions, please email us at:

Back to Campus

For fall, 2021, a significant proportion of courses – in particular seminars, labs, experiential learning and smaller classes – are expected to be offered on campus in a safe way, but online options will also be available to provide flexibility. You can find out more about fall and winter courses by clicking here on the University FAQs.

Here is the latest message that was shared about our back to campus plans. Course instructors, please check out this message for you from the Provost Jerry Tomberlin.

The fall/winter 2021-22 class schedule and registration course planning tool is available in Carleton Central and includes which courses will be available for in-person and online learning. Please note, you cannot register unless you have cleared all conditions on your offer. Your time ticket will be updated in your Carleton Central account, after removal of your conditions is complete.

Please check out this listing of Special Topics courses that will be available for fall 2021 and winter 2022.

New Students and TAs!

FGPA is hosting a virtual fall 2021 Orientation for new grad students and TAs. Details will be available in a future newsletter but materials will be available by September 7. Register now by clicking here.

In addition, the International Student Service Office is offering an Orientation program for all new international students. This Orientation is offered completely free and includes an introduction to resources found in the virtual campus, live events that offer the opportunity to ask questions about immigration, and much more! Attendance and completion of I-Start also count as credit towards your co-curricular record (CCR). The l-Start program offers a go-at-your-own-pace format. Click here for more information.

Fall Parking Information

Students who would like to purchase a parking permit can do so through ParkAdmin. Please note that parking spaces will be available in parking lots 5, 6, 7 and 18. Lockers will not be available in Fall 2021 due to COVID-19 protocols and restricted access to Carleton’s tunnel system.

Two Carleton PhD Students Win Prestigious Vanier Award

FGPA congratulates two Carleton students who have won the prestigious Vanier award presented to doctoral students who conduct exceptional research. Andréanne Veillette is an incoming PhD student in Ethics and Public Affairs and Chelsie Smith is a doctoral student studying Management with the Sprott School of Business. Read Veillette’s story by clicking here. Read Smith’s story by clicking here.

Deferring your Tri-council Award due to COVID

Training award recipients (master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral) may continue to defer the start date of their Tri-Council award, or request an unpaid interruption, normally in four-month increments, for reasons related to the COVID-19 situation. For master’s and doctoral award holders, these can be adjusted to align with the next available start date (September 1, 2021 or January 1, 2022).

Need Some Help?

There are many health and wellness services that can assist graduate students at Carleton. Please click here for a list of resources you can access.

Carleton Stands in Solidarity with Indigenous Communities

Carleton University is profoundly saddened by the discovery of 160 undocumented and unmarked graves near the former KuperIsland industrial school on what is now Penelakut Island.

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Meet Carleton's Student Accessibility Champions

The READ Initiative and the Coordinated Accessibility Strategy are proud to announce the two inaugural Student Accessibility Champions who are helping to shape and inform accessibility across campus. Patricia Berube is a PhD candidate in Cultural Mediations who, in addition to being part of the READi (Research, education, Accessibility and Innovation) program, is engaged in innovative research focused on making visual arts more accessible to visually impaired audiences. Rebecca Andre, is a fourth-year Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies student with a minor in Disability Studies and a recipient of the prestigious Dr. John Davis Burton Award.

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Want to Apply for a 2022 Graduate Program?

We are accepting graduate program applications for winter, summer and fall 2022. Apply Now! To view the 2022 grad student viewbooks, please click here.

Are You an Upper Level PhD Student?

Teaching and Learning Services will again offer Preparing to Teach for Carleton’s upper-year doctoral students starting this Fall 2021 (Wednesday afternoons, September 22 – Dec. 1). For Fall 2021, everything will take place online. Registration for the program will open on July 26. More details can be found here.

More Writing Opportunities for PhD Students

Keep an eye out for the latest opportunities for PhD students who want to write for The Conversation. These are updated on a regular basis.

Outlook Now Has a Report Phishing Button

Be on the lookout for a new addition to your Outlook email! ITS has deployed a “Report Phishing” button that allows you to easily report phishing emails. You no longer need to manually forward email messages or attachments to the Service Desk or to report a phishing email. By using this button, you will be helping the security team to better identify dangerous attacks in order to protect your personal information and University data. If enough people report a phishing attempt, machine learning will automatically block it – even after hours. For more on staying safe online, have a look at our recent security notices.

For International Students

Please check out information on vaccines for international students by clicking here.

We encourage you to join the ISSO to learn more about current travel requirements and have your questions about quarantine answered! For details, please visit our Events Calendar (see below).

Check out ISSO’s I-Start orientation program for all international students new to Carleton University. Click here for more information.

Please check out updates on the ISSO website. If you are planning on coming to Canada for the fall or winter terms, it is important that you contact the ISSO.

Carleton Honorary Degree Recipient Mary Simon Named Governor General

Carleton University is celebrating the appointment of Mary Simon as the next Governor General of Canada. Simon received an honorary degree from Carleton in 2011 in recognition of her dedication and commitment to Inuit rights, social justice, and education and leadership in circumpolar affairs.

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Olympian Turned Journalism Grad Finds a Home on the Other Side of the Microphone

Thomas Hall, an Olympian who won a bronze medal as a sprint canoe paddler at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, went back to school to earn a master’s degree in journalism from Carleton University in 2015. This past January, he became the Director of Communications and Media Relations for the Canadian Olympic Committee. As the Tokyo Olympics loom, find out what he and his team are up to.

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Researcher of the Month: Patrick Callery

On a regular basis, the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs showcases up and coming professors, along with their graduate students, on the current graduate student website. The latest video features Sprott Prof. Patrick Callery and PhD student D’Arcy O’Farrell. who research business solutions for environmental crises.

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Faculty Research: Changing Times for Charities in Canada

Canada’s 86,000 charities have been significantly impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Prof. Susan Phillips, graduate supervisor of the Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership graduate programs, and her colleagues have been working to mobilize data and research to inform professional practice and public policy in this field.

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Grad Student Research: Edible Insects

In case you missed it, here is a story from The Charlatan about PhD student Matt Muzzatti who has been rearing larger crickets that contain more protein, making them a good dietary alternative to traditional proteins.

Graduation Student Story: Exploring Sustainability in the Scottish Highlands

While Master of Architecture graduate Camille Ringrose, like most Carleton University students, was initially caught off guard by the COVID-19 pandemic, she managed to find a silver lining. With classes transitioned online and a thesis focusing on the Scottish Highlands more than 4,500 kilometres away, Ringrose saw an opportunity to move across the Atlantic Ocean to get as close to her research site as possible. So last September, Ringrose and her partner packed their suitcases and made the leap of faith.

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Graduation Student Story: Megan Lamb is Promoting Health at Every Size

Megan Lamb’s interest in body image and eating behaviours started when she was a child, listening to conversations among her friends and family about their weight and shape. As a master’s student at Carleton, she worked on a longitudinal study about adolescent eating behaviours. And she has now graduated with her PhD in Psychology.

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Graduation Student Story: Writing the Manual for Your Dream Job

Akash Iyer, a 2021 MA graduate in Music and Culture with a collaborative specialization in Digital Humanities, has found a way to build insight and connections in pursuit of his dream job — becoming a music supervisor.

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COVID-19 Updates

If you are required to access campus for necessary work that cannot be done remotely, please follow the appropriate building access protocol and complete the mandatory COVID-19 Daily Campus Access and Screening Form each day before coming to campus and entering a university building.

To access FAQs about how Carleton is coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, click here. For questions concerning current graduate studentsclick here. To view FAQs for prospective graduate studentsclick here. International graduate students, please check out FAQs on the ISSO website.

There have been no updates to the FAQs for either graduate students or prospective grad students this past week.

Important Dates and Deadlines

July 23: For those students who want to graduate this fall, we strongly encourage you to submit your supervisor-approved thesis, in examinable form, to your department by this date.

July 23: Last day for a full fee adjustment when withdrawing from late summer courses (financial withdrawal).

July 30: Last day to request Formal Examination Accommodation for August examinations to the Paul Mention Centre for Students with Disabilities. Note that it may not be possible to fulfill accommodation requests received after the specified deadlines.

August 2: Civic holiday. University closed.

August 25: Fall payment deadline. Visit the Student Accounts website for important payment information. Late charges may be applied to the student account any time after this date.

September 1: Last day for receipt of applications from potential fall (November) graduates.

For a complete list of all official academic and financial dates and deadlines, please go to the Registrar’s websiteFor all financial matters, go to Student Accounts.