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Rewarding Community Involvement

PhD Candidate Natalie Linklater wins prestigious national engineering scholarship.  MORE


“Booking Your Thesis”

A new book about the plight of temporary migrant nurses began as a Carleton PhD thesis.   MORE


5 Days for the Homeless

Grad student Kristina Partsinevelos shares her experience as part of the 5 Days for the Homeless initiative.  MORE


Surviving the Cold

PhD Candidate Ryan Bell is investigating how animals who sleep away the winter survive the cold.  MORE


Developing Designs for Aging Population

Grad students from Architecture and Social Work develop innovative designs for a long-term care facility.  MORE

  Equity Services poster

Equality, Dignity, Respect

We feature Equity Services in our ongoing series on services for graduate students.  MORE


Norway Adventure

Grad student will report from Arctic Gateway as part of the Carleton-Norway Journalism Travel Award.   MORE


In The News – Kony Campaign

PhD English Student David Mastey spoke to the media about the Kony 2012 Campaign.  MORE


I-Grad Mentors

Mentor an international graduate student and make a difference.  MORE


New Newsletter

The revamped newsletter from the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies is chock full of great grad news.  MORE


New Carleton Email

Soon, you will be able to sign up for your new Carleton Email account.  MORE





March 30 – Deadline to complete the 5 hours of paid TA training is tonight (midnight, Friday, March 30). TAs, please note that TA training counts only for the Academic session during which it is done.

April 5 – Last day for academic withdrawal from Fall/Winter and Winter term courses.

April 5 – Last day of Fall/Winter and Winter term classes. Winter term ends. Any balance owing on your student account will prevent access to marks through Carleton Central, release of transcripts and official documents, and re-registration. An account balance may delay Summer 2012 course selection.

April 6 – Statutory holiday. University closed.

April 9 & 10 – No classes take place.

April 11 – 24 (including Saturdays) – Final examinations in winter term and fall/winter courses will be held. Examinations are normally held in the day and evening during the Monday to Saturday period. In exceptional circumstances it may be necessary to schedule an examination on a Sunday.

May 1 – Carleton Central opens at 8:30 a.m. for registration for all Carleton graduate students, including graduate University of Ottawa students, graduate exchange students and graduate visiting students for summer courses.

May 4 – Deadline for fee payment or assignment of funding to ensure payment is processed to your student account without incurring a late charge.

May 7 – Full summer and early summer courses begin for all students.

May 14 – Last day for registration and course changes for early summer courses for all students.

May 18 – Deadline for registration and course changes for full summer courses. Graduate students who have not yet deposited two final copies of their thesis in the Office of the Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs must register. If you don’t deposit final copies of your thesis to FGPA by this date, you will also not be eligible to graduate in Spring.

May 21 – Statutory holiday. University closed.

May 31 – Deadline for full fee adjustment when withdrawing from early summer courses (financial withdrawal).

For information about other important dates concerning your academic year, please view this page from the Graduate Calendar and/or the Business Office.



March 30Social Work Research Day

April 11Science Café: Sea Buckthorn” Golden berries with health and beauty benefits



April 23Deadline to apply for the Canada-Chile Leadership Exchange Scholarship

April 23Deadline for the Canadian Commonwealth Scholarships Program

April 23Deadline extended : Foreign Government Awards – Russia

April 30Deadline to apply for the ICUF Dobbin Short Term Visiting Scholarships to Ireland 2012-13

April 30Call for Applications: DFAIT Cadieux-Léger Fellowship


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