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Important MIPIS Moment

Kyle Van de Vooren is the first person to graduate from Carleton’s master’s program in Infrastructure Protection and International Security (MIPIS).   MORE


Inaugural Graduates

Diana Ioan and Beat Riedener are the first two people to graduate from Carleton’s master’s program in Sustainable Energy.   MORE


40 Years and Counting

We focus on Carleton’s child care centre in part 12 of our series on services for grad students   MORE


Teaching & Learning Symposium

You’re invited to the June 2012 Teaching and Learning Symposium.  MORE



From Korea to Carleton

Jiyoung LeeAn explains how reading a book in Korea led her to pursue a PhD program at Carleton.   MORE


Africa Graduate Initiative

Carleton takes part in the Africa Initiative Graduate Research Program. MORE




May 16Interview Skills Interactive Workshop

May 29 –  Media Training Workshop

May 30Graduate Student Career Certificate

June 19Media Training Workshop



Now –Thinking about your course selections for the upcoming 2012 fall and 2013 winter terms? A listing of course offerings (without scheduled dates and times) is available in Carleton Central and the Public Class Schedule for students to view. Effective June 15, the Timetable will include detailed scheduling information and instructors.

May 18 – Last day for registration and course changes for full summer courses. Graduate students who have not yet deposited two final copies of their thesis in the Office of the Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs must register. If you don’t deposit final copies of your thesis to FGPA by this date, you will not be eligible to graduate in Spring.

May 21 – Statutory holiday. University closed.

May 31 – Deadline for full fee adjustment when withdrawing from early summer courses (financial withdrawal).

June 8 – Last day to withdraw from full summer courses with a full fee adjustment (financial withdrawal). Last day to submit to the Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities, formal Examination Accommodation Forms for June examinations.

June 11-21 – Fall/Winter and Winter term deferred final exams will be held.

June 19 – Last day of early summer classes. (Full summer classes resume July 3.) Last day for handing in term work and the last day that can be specified by a course instructor as a due date for term work for courses that end on this day. Last day for academic withdrawal from early summer courses.

June 22-27 – Final exams in early summer courses and midterm exams in full summer courses may be held.

June 30 – Final deadline for summer term fee payment.

July 1 – Holds will be placed on all unpaid student accounts, which will prevent access to marks, official documents, and/or registration for the 2012-13 Fall/Winter course selection.

July 6 – Graduate Students (including transfers) can register effective this date for Fall 2012 and Fall/Winter 2012-13 classes. Please note that times for graduate student registration are staggered by student ID on this date. You are welcome to call the Graduate Registrar’s office for assistance. Registration will continue until September 19.


May 16 Paradoxes of Globalization: Relapse of the West, Renaissance of the East?

May 28-29First Annual Research Conference in Public Policy and Public Management

Aug.6-16TRIUMF Summer Institute



 June 15 – Deadline to apply for New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarship



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