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Winter Orientation – This Friday

New grad students and TAs who started this term, don’t forget to register for Winter Orientation that takes place this Friday (Jan. 17).   More   The GSA is hosting several additional social events.   More

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The five “Ws” of Professional Development

Why Professional Development is Not ‘Just One More Thing to Do’.  More



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Register Now for the 3MT-GRF

Register now for the 3-Minute Thesis – Grad Research Forum and participate in the Jan. 28 or Feb. 4 training sessions.   More


Making Friends in Grad School

Grad Student Maria Demare talks about mingling, merging and making friends in grad school.  More    On Feb. 12, the International Student Services Office is offering a workshop on Making Friends for all grad students.   More

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Using Cooking to Heal the Human Spirit

Mike’s passion for cooking led to a personal journey of healing and redemption.  His story is told in a new documentary by three Carleton students that is being screened on Jan. 17More

  St. Charles Church

Grad Student Sets Out to Save a Church

Grad student Mike Steinhauer decided he couldn’t stand by and watch a 100-year-old church be torn down.  Find out how he helped to save it.  More

  Brian Foster

Finding Non-Academic Work After a PhD – Brian Foster

In our continuing series, Carleton Alum Brian Foster shares his career journey and some tips for current PhDs looking for employment outside academia.   More

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Want to Thank Someone For Going Beyond the Call of Duty?

The deadline to recognize a staff or faculty member with a Service Excellence Award is Jan. 24.  More

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Something to “Screen” About

The CU Communication Graduate Caucus and the Paul Attallah lecture series are looking for submissions to their March conference which, this year, focuses on the theme of “Screen”.  Submission deadline is Jan. 24.   More


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You’ve Been “Summoned”

Need help finding something in MacOdrum Library?  Try their new “Summon” search tool.  More

  New Grad Students at Fall Orientation

New TAs – Final Reminder

Please note deadlines for payment and training.  January 15th is the final deadline to register with HR to get paid for Jan. 30th.  More

  Ship - Students on Ice expedition

Breathtaking Visit to the Antarctic

Three Carleton grad students recently returned from a spectacular Antarctic adventure with Students On Ice.  More




Jan. 17 – Last day for registration for winter term courses. Last day to change courses or sections (including auditing) for winter term courses.

Jan. 17  – Students who have not deposited (via automated upload) the final copy of their thesis to the office of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs must register.

Jan. 31 – Last day for a fee adjustment when withdrawing from Winter term courses or the Winter portion of two-term courses. Withdrawals after this date will create no financial change to Winter term fees (financial withdrawal).

For a complete list of all official academic and financial dates and deadlines, please go to the Registrar’s website.



Jan. 15 Deadline to apply to the SSHRC Storyteller competition

Jan. 15 – Deadline to Apply for a Special Project with Students Without Borders

Jan. 15 – Deadline to apply for the PhD Fellowship in Gender Equality Measurement

Jan. 17 – Deadline to submit a paper to the Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium

Jan. 24Deadline to apply for a CIHR Synapse Award

Jan. 24 – Deadline to submit a proposal to the Hawaii International Conference on Social Sciences

Jan. 26 – Deadline to Submit to the Through a Global Lens Photo Competition

Jan. 27 – CIHR Travel Awards Deadline

Feb. 1 – Deadline to apply for a Mackenzie King Scholarship

Feb. 7 –  Deadline to apply for a CBIE India scholarship

Feb. 28 – Deadline for article submissions to Render- The Carleton Graduate Journal of Art and Culture

Note: For information about Carleton awards, go to our awards and funding website.


Jan. 16 – Annual Presentation Night at the Carleton U. Art Gallery

Jan. 17Student Video documentary screenings (School of Journalism)  

Jan. 17 – MA in Music and Culture Graduate Colloquium

Feb. 1 – David Milgaard to speak at Carleton

March 6-8 – Underhill Graduate Student Colloquium

March 22-23 – WISE National Conference



Jan. 24 – Deadline for upper-year PhD students to apply for the EDC’s Preparing to Teach certificate

Check our Grad Navigate website for the winter term, 2014 professional development training opportunities. These sessions are open to all grad students (unless otherwise specified). TAs can claim these as part of their paid training hours, providing the session is during the term in which you are a TA. This site is regularly updated.

1. Research & Writing

(NVivo Training)
Feb. 27  Intro to NVivo FULL   
March 4  Intro to NVivo  
March 5 
Using NVivo for Literature Reviews
March 12  Advanced NVivo

(Citation Management Training)
Sessions are being offered by MacOdrum Library on the following dates:
Jan. 20        Jan. 28        Feb. 12        Feb. 25        March 3        March 20

Jan. 23
Research Data Management for Graduate Students – Basic Skills
Feb. 5 Visualizing Your Research Data Using Microsoft Excel
Feb. 12 How to Write a Thesis for Science & Engineering 

2. Teaching Skills

Jan. 17  Improving Your Teaching Through Feedback
Jan. 20  Deadline to apply for the Preparing to Teach Certificate 
Jan. 21
   Developing a Framework for Teaching
Jan. 22
  Giving Effective Presentations: The Experience of Two Nerds
Jan. 28
 Providing Feedback to Enhance Student Learning & Engagement
Accessible Learning Workshops:  Feb. 13      Feb. 27      March 19

3. Professional Skills

Jan. 30  Overcoming Procrastination
Jan. 30  Media Training Workshop
Feb. 5-6
Foundations of Project Management 1 (Mitacs)
Feb. 10
Discovering the Entrepreneur Within (Mitacs)
Feb. 12 
How to Write for Newspapers & Online Publications
Feb. 25
How to Use Twitter for Professional Engagement
Feb. 26  Media Training

4. Wellness

Jan. 21 Sleep, Eat, Exercise and Relax!
Jan. 21  Balancing Life, School and Work
Jan. 21 Healthy Eating & Living
Jan. 29 Student Budgeting & Shopping
Feb. 4 Get Motivated, Manage Time & Relax
Feb. 6 Managing Stress
Feb. 12 Making Friends
March 4 Improve Relationships, Seek Supports and Relax
March 5 Sleep! Catching the Zzzz

5. Career Planning (These are all specific training sessions for graduate students)

Resumé Writing:      Jan. 15        Feb. 5        March 12
Skills Identification:    March 6
Networking Strategies:   Jan. 22       March 26
Career Exploration Outside Academia:  Jan. 30   March 18
Interview Skills: 
Feb. 26
Graduate Career CertificateFeb. 20



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