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Register for Orientation

A reminder to all new graduate students and new TAs to register for our Orientation on Aug. 31. Details are on our website.  More

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More Orientation News for INTERNATIONAL Grad Students

The International Student Services Office (ISSO) offers a number of services to international grad students, including an additional orientation.  More

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GSA – Welcome Weeks & More

The Graduate Students’ Association offers grad students many services, including a health plan, and also hosts the longest grad student Orientation in Canada.  More

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Important Information for ASPIRING TAs

Interested in being an “out of priority” TA for the fall term? The deadline to apply is Sept. 1.  More



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Must Read For ALL TAs

Check out our TA web page for important information for new and continuing TAs.  More  Need to apply for a Leave From Duties for this fall? The deadline is Aug. 31.  More

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Grad Research: Impact of Having a Sibling With Mental Illness

Grad student Lisa Emberley is researching the impact of being a sibling of someone with mental illness. There is still time to participate in her study.  More

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Apply Now For an Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

All required documents to apply for an Ontario Graduate Scholarship are now available online on our OGS web page. More

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Award Deadlines

It’s that time of year to think about which awards you want to apply for. Deadlines are listed on our website. Imminent deadlines are included in the Important Dates and Deadlines section (below) and are tweeted out (@CUGradStudies).  More

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Scholarship Reimbursement Process

You can pick up your scholarship refund cheque for the fall term from the Student Accounts Office on Friday, Oct. 2 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  More




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Watch the Final Top 10 Carleton 3MT Video!

Watch Ian Wereley’s top 10 Three Minute Thesis presentation on how language affects our view of the oil industry.  More

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Save the Date: Throwback Sept. 16-19

Throwback is Carleton’s annual alumni celebration. There are lots of activities for everyone.  More

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Special Topics

We have updated our list of Special Topics for the fall and winter terms. More

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Deadline – Apply Online to Graduate at Fall Convocation

Sept. 1 is the deadline for online applications to graduate for fall (November) 2015.  You need to apply online by going to Carleton Central.  The form is under the section entitled  “Student Online Applications”.


Important Dates and Deadlines


Aug. 25  Payment deadline date for your entire student account. Click here for important payment information. Late charges may be applied to the student account any time after this date.

Aug. 31 Orientation for new graduate students and new TAs.

Aug. 31 ISSO Orientation for new international graduate students (morning only)

Sept. 1 – Last day for receipt of online applications from potential fall (November) graduates.

Sept. 2 – Fall term and Fall and fall/winter classes begin.

Sept. 7 – Statutory holiday. University closed.

Sept. 18 Last day of registration and course/section changes for fall term and fall/winter courses.

Sept. 18 – Graduate students who have not electronically submitted their final thesis copy to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs will not be eligible to graduate in Fall 2015 and must register for the Fall 2015 term.

Sept. 25-27 Summer deferred final examinations held.

Sept. 30 Last day to withdraw from fall term and fall/winter courses with a full fee adjustment. Withdrawals after this date will create no financial change to Fall term fees (financial withdrawal). Last day for receipt of applications for appeal of final grades in summer term courses.

Sept. 30  Last day to apply to opt out of U-Pass.

Oct. 9 – December examination schedule (fall term final and fall/winter mid-terms) available online.

Oct. 12 – Statutory holiday (Thanksgiving). University closed.

Oct. 26-30 – Fall break. Classes are suspended.

For a complete list of all official academic and financial dates and deadlines, please go to the Registrar’s website. For all financial matters, go to Student Accounts.



The deadlines to apply for a Leave From Duties are: Aug. 31 (fall term), Dec. 31 (winter term) and April 30 (summer term).  (access form via Carleton Central)

“Pedagogical” training hours must be submitted by Nov. 30 for a fall-only TAship, and March 30 for a full academic year TAship or a winter-only TAship.

Deadline to apply to be an “out-of-priority” TA for the fall/15 term is Sept. 1; for the winter term, 2016 is Jan. 1, 2016.



Any time  Apply for a Mitacs Globalink Research Award

Sept. 7 – Deadline for master’s students to apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship in South Africa

Sept. 18 – Deadline to apply for a Rhodes scholarship

Sept. 21 Deadline to apply for a Foreign Government Award – Mexico

Sept. 30 Deadline for PhD students to apply for an NSERC award

Oct. 1 Deadline for PhD students to apply for a CIHR award

Oct. 15 Deadline to apply for grad student-run conference funds

Oct. 16 Deadline for PhD students to apply for a SSHRC award

Nov. 4 Deadline to apply for a Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship

Nov. 15 Deadline to apply for a Fulbright scholarship

Nov. 18 – Deadline to apply for a Commonwealth Scholarship

Dec. 1  Deadline to apply for a Women’s Health Scholars Award

Dec. 1 Deadline for Master’s students to apply for a Tri-Council Award

Dec. 1 – Deadline to apply for an OGS

Dec. 3 – Deadline to apply for a Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Dec. 15 – Deadline for ABD PhD students to apply for a GRIT award

Note: For information about Carleton awards, go to our awards and funding website.



Registration now open for the EDC’s:

Sept. 12   TA Training Day

Sept. 25  Deadline to register for the EDC’s Preparing To Teach fall sessions

All professional development workshops in Grad Navigate will resume in September. You can also access online training through Please note that these online training modules do not count towards paid training hours for TAs.


Aug. 29-30  Residence move in weekend.

Sept. 16-19  Throwback

Oct. 2 – Deadline to opt out of the GSA’s health plan

For information about other Carleton events, go to the university events calendar.  For information about events targeted at or promoting graduate student research, go to Grad Research Link.


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