The Ontario Trillium Scholarships program serves as a significant initiative to attract more of the best qualified international students to Ontario for PhD studies.


The value of the award is $40,000 per year and is renewable for four years. There are a total of 4 awards given out each year to eligible students.


You may be eligible for a Trillium Scholarship if you:

  • are an international student (that is, a student who has received a temporary resident visa as a member of the student class under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act [Canada] on the first day of classes);
  • plan to be enrolled full-time in an approved doctoral degree program at an eligible Ontario university;
  • are not currently studying at an Ontario institution;
  • are not concurrently accepting a scholarship or fellowship from the federal research granting councils of an Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS);
  • have an overall average of at least A-.


Students are not able to apply directly for the Trillium Scholarship. You will be considered for this scholarship with your application for admission and, if eligible, will be nominated by your department or school.