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Graduate Student News

The Graduate@Carleton newsletter is typically distributed every Thursday morning. The next newsletter will be available on May 13. If you have any questions, please email us at:

Welcome Brightspace!

Today, Brightspace officially replaces cuLearn as Carleton’s new Learning Management System. It provides several key advantages, including a faster, more reliable system and 24/7 technical support. Information about special training for TAs is available.

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Grad Research in One Minute

Check out these videos of three of the 28 graduate students who entered our first GRADflix competition. Students had to prepare a video that described their research in one minute or less.

FGPA - Farewell Joanne and Welcome Kevin!

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs bids farewell and best wishes to Joanne Bree, as she commences her retirement, effective June 1. She is an exceptional leader and her tremendous skills and talent have guided FGPA to new heights throughout her tenure at Carleton. Bree has been the Graduate Registrar and Director, Graduate Services, with FGPA since 2008. Effective May 1, Kevin McEwan will be taking on the role of Acting Director, Graduate Services.

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New FGPA Coordinator, External/Internal Graduate Awards

Last Friday, FGPA said goodbye to Leslie Main, the Coordinator, External/Internal Graduate Awards. She will be pursuing other exciting opportunities outside the university. I know you will all join us to thank Leslie for her stellar service to Carleton. We would like to welcome Jenna McConnell who takes over this role on May 17. Any queries related to internal or external graduate awards, before that date, can be directed to

Are You a TA This Summer?

Are you a teaching assistant helping to facilitate an online course in the summer term? Teaching and Learning Services has equipment available for loan to support you as you facilitate problem sessions, discussions and tutorials online. If you would like to borrow equipment, please ask your instructor to submit the request on your behalf here.

New Automated Graduation Letters

Graduate students who have applied for graduation can download two letters in Carleton Central. The new letters are Confirmation of Application to Graduate and Confirmation of Eligibility to Graduate. Links to automated letters in Carleton Central are found in the Student Online Applications > Apply to Graduate > Applications for Graduation section. More information is available by clicking here.

On-Campus Vaccination Clinic for Those 40 or Over

Carleton’s Health and Counselling Services has begun offering COVID-19 vaccines for eligible people ages 40 or older, including students. Appointments will be available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., subject to the number of vaccines that are received. Priority will be given to patients who are registered at the clinic, as well as Carleton employees and approved contractors. For more information and to book an appointment, please visit the Health and Counselling Services website.

Support for Grad Students

It’s Mental Health Week in Canada. This year, the theme is Understanding Our Emotions. To access mental health supports for graduate students, please click here.

During the summer semester, the CU Sexual Assault Support Centre (SASC) will be continuing to provide support for students. A team of peer supporters is available to offer this free, confidential support via text or web chat. All students are welcome to chat about anything that helps create a culture of consent on campus, including relationship topics (dating, break-ups, safe-sex, etc.). Students can find out more about CU SASC’s other services, including new summer hours, by visiting the CU SASC CHAT webpage.

Grad Research: Revamping School Mental Health Programs

Carmen West, a master’s student in Anthropology, is researching the lived experiences and perspectives of children and young people on mental health and well-being in school.

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Reminder - Virtual Alcohol Training

This year’s alcohol training is online. This training is mandatory for all individuals, including students, who wish to work in alcohol service on campus including anyone serving alcohol on campus, providing security at an event where alcohol will be served, or those organizing events where alcohol will be available. More information is available by clicking here.

Join in the Conversation

This week, The Conversation is looking for PhD students to write articles on these topics. Check out this piece in The Conversation by PhD student Lowell Gasoi.


Check out the latest issue of Eureka that features stories from the Faculty of Science. You can download it by clicking here.

Information for International Students

If you are a new student taking online Carleton classes from outside of Canada during the Summer 2021 term due to Covid19, UHIP is not required. If eligible, you can get the UHIP fee removed from your student account by completing the UHIP Opt-Out Form.

For other information, please check out updates on the ISSO website:

Banting Fellowship Applications Due May 9

The government has officially launched the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program. The Bantings are intended to support world-class, Canadian and international postdoctoral researchers, who will become the research leaders of tomorrow. These are highly competitive awards, designed for exceptional candidates who are almost ready to apply for a faculty position. For more information about candidate eligibility and how to apply, please visit Carleton’s Internal Banting Competition page.

Call for Nominations - Senate

The Carleton University Senate is calling for nominations for graduate students to serve on a variety of Senate Standing Committees. To be eligible, all students must be in good academic standing, and in most cases, previous governance experience is not a requirement. The term of service is one-year and begins on July 1, 2021.

If eligibility requirements are met, positions will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications are open on the Senate website. If you have any questions, please contact Assistant University Secretary, Kathy McKinley

Vacancies include one grad student for the Senate Executive Committee (must be a Senator), one for the Senate Quality Assurance and Planning Committee, one for the Senate Honorary Degrees Committee and two for the Senate Review Committee.

Inside Senate April 30

The latest edition of Inside Senate is now available. The April 30 meeting was held remotely to comply with social distancing guidelines. The main items on the agenda were the recommendations of the Carleton University Scenario Planning working group for the fall 2021 term and the 2021/2022 operating budget. Senators also approved three new programs in the Faculty of Engineering and Design.

Board of Governors Summary: April 29

The summary from the Board of Governors meeting on April 29 is now available. Highlights include the approval of the 2021/2022 operating budget, the attribution of the Board Award for Outstanding Community Achievement and the renaming of a Tory lab in honour of Henrietta Lacks. The Board also received presentations on the university’s planning for the fall 2021 term, as well as a progress report on Carleton’s Coordinated Accessibility Strategy.

New Names for New Times Initiative Gathering Impressions

The New Names for New Times initiative will result in new names for three of Carleton’s campus buildings: the University Centre, Residence Commons and Robertson Hall. These names will reflect our diversity and commitment to inclusion and will be determined by three distinct but connected processes. All three processes will be led by representative advisory councils. We invite you to provide your impressions of the three buildings involved in this initiative. If you are interested in joining the Advisory Council to name the Residence Commons, please include a one-paragraph statement outlining your interest to by May 11. Algonquin and Inuit students can indicate their interest to participate in the Algonquin and Inuit Advisory Councils by emailing

Carleton Biology Lab Renamed and Bursary Established In Honour of Henrietta Lacks

In 1951, a 31-year-old Black mother of five named Henrietta Lacks was in medical distress and went to Baltimore’s Johns Hopkins Hospital, where she was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer. Despite treatment, she passed away eight months later. Find out why Carleton decided to name a biology lab and a bursary after her.

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Carleton Researchers Collaborate to Improve How Diseases are Diagnosed and Treated

Carleton University researchers in physics and engineering are joining forces with biologists and medical practitioners to change how diseases are diagnosed and treated.

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BlackBerry QNX and Carleton Join Forces to Train Next Generation of Software Engineers  

BlackBerry Limited and Carleton have announced a $21-million five year strategic partnership agreement that will provide software engineers and researchers access to BlackBerry® QNX® technology for use in a wide range of industries, including automotive, robotics, transportation, Internet of things, aerospace and medical devices.

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Talking to Plants: Carleton Smart Fertilizer Project Could Be Game Changer for Farmers

What if fertilizer was able to listen to a plant at the moment the plant needed nitrogen and then release its nutrients at the exact critical growing time? Carleton Chemistry Prof. Maria DeRosa pondered the possibility when Carlos Monreal, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Senior Researcher and Biology Professor (now retired), posed this question. The idea morphed into a project with huge possibilities.

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Grad Research: Building Sustainability in the Global South 

Jesse Bird, a recent Master of Architecture graduate, and a team of biologists, engineers, and industry leaders, have been developing alternative manufacturing strategies for nano- and micro-fibrillated cellulose products derived from recycled cardboard and industrial hemp.

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Important Dates and Deadlines

Today, May 6 is when early summer and full summer classes begin.

Your final grades for the winter and fall/winter terms courses will be posted on Carleton Central once approved by the departmental chair and the associate dean for your Faculty. Instructors have up to May 7 to submit final grades.

Carleton University’s Graduate Legal Studies Association will be hosting the 14th annual Graduate Legal Studies Conference on Thursday, May 13. This interdisciplinary conference offers graduate studies across disciplines an opportunity to present past, present or future research while developing conference skills at the beginning of their careers. Please visit this website for more information.

May 13 is the last day for registration and course changes (including auditing) for early summer courses.

May 20 is the last day for registration and course changes (including auditing) for full summer courses.

The Fall/Winter 2021-22 Class Schedule and registration course planning tool will be available in Carleton Central May 25.

The date for graduate students to electronically submit their final thesis copy to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs has been extended to May 31. If you have not done so by this date, you will not be eligible to graduate in June and will have to register for the summer 2021 term.

June 18

  • Last day of early summer classes. (NOTE: full summer classes resume July 2.)
  • Classes follow a Monday schedule.
  • Last day for academic withdrawal from early summer courses.

For a complete list of all official academic and financial dates and deadlines, please go to the Registrar’s websiteFor all financial matters, go to Student Accounts.

COVID Information

To read the President’s latest message entitled A Flexible Plan for Fall, 2021, please click here.

To access FAQs about how Carleton is coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, click here. For questions concerning current graduate studentsclick here. To view FAQs for prospective graduate studentsclick here. International graduate students, please check out FAQs on the ISSO website.

Click here for more information about Carleton’s COVID-19 Reporting System for all students and employees. For those coming on campus, please be aware that a significant roadwork project will get underway on campus starting May 10. This project involves three major elements, including: expansion of the Bronson Ave. entrance to campus, an expansion of Parking Lot 7 and a Roundabout near P7.


No new FAQs have been added this week to either the prospective or current graduate student FAQs.