These awards have a variety of restrictions and requirements related to the purpose of the award. This may include which programs of study are eligible and the location in which the award is tenable.

For some awards, you will need to apply directly to the organization providing the award, while for others, you will need to apply to Carleton, which will support your application by forwarding it to the awarding organization on your behalf.

You should ensure that you read and understand all of the requirements of the award’s application.

Commonwealth Scholarship Plan Fulbright Scholarship  Gates Cambridge Scholarship  
Value             See website $15,000 (US) See website
Duration Up to 3 years 9-month academic year Up to 3 years
Tenable Numerous UK universities Eligibility: Canadian citizens and holders of a university degree Any American university to study contemporary issues relevant to Canada
and the U.S. (preference is given to particular areas)
University of Cambridge
Eligibility Visit the website Canadian citizens Holder of a university degree
Deadline Check website November 15, 2019 TBA

Mackenzie King Travelling/Open Scholarship Rhodes Scholarship Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship
Value See website £13,658  (more details are on the Rhodes website) $40,000 per year, plus up to $20,000 for travel expenses
Duration 1 year Up to 3 years Up to 4 years
Tenable Travelling – American or U.K. university to study international or industrial relations; Open – no restrictions Oxford University Primarily Canadian institutions
Eligibility A degree from a Canadian university Canadian citizens 19-25 as of October 1, 2017 Canadian and international PhD students…check eligibility criteria online!
Deadline February 1, 2020 to the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs Carleton U. deadline is Sept. 9, 2019  to Deadline for the 2019 awards has passed. New deadline date will be announced on their website in the near future.