Eighth Annual Faculty Graduate Mentoring Awards

The deadline for nominations has been extended until November 30, 2017!!!

Nominations for the 2017 awards are now open. Sponsored by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs and the Office of the Vice-President (Research and International), these awards recognize faculty who render exceptional service to graduate students as supervisors and research mentors. The effect of such faculty on the careers of students is frequently transformational.

In order to be considered for an award, faculty must be nominated. Nominators can be current and/or former graduate students, faculty members, and/or staff. Nominations from former and/or current graduate students are also welcomed.

Nominations should include a statement of no more than 500 words, attesting to the nominee’s exceptional contribution to graduate student supervision and research mentorship. Each individual must submit his/her own nomination. Unsuccessful nominees from previous years may be nominated again. Previous winners are not eligible. (Scroll down to view a list of past recipients.)

Nominations must be sent as an electronic attachment in Microsoft Word or “.pdf” format by November 30, 2017 to FGPA.EA@cunet.carleton.ca.

Details about the award and how to nominate someone are available in our Frequently Asked Questions document. Please note that, if your professor wins, by submitting a nomination, you are agreeing to allow the FGPA to post excerpts from your nomination on the Carleton University website.

Please note that, if your nominee wins, you are giving FGPA permission to share your nomination letter with the winner and also share quotes from your letter online. You are also consenting to have your photo taken at the award ceremony and featured online. If you do not consent, you should contact ea@carleton.ca in advance.

The awards will be announced in late Feb., 2018.

Seventh Annual Faculty Graduate Mentoring Awards

On March 1, 2017 seven faculty members were presented with a 2016 Faculty Graduate Mentoring Award. Congratulations to all!  Below are the winners and quotes taken from their nominators’ letters.

Below are the seven winners of the 2016 awards

  • Adrian Chan – Systems and Computer Engineering
  • Sonia Chiasson – Computer Science
  • Ian Marsland – Systems and Computer Engineering
  • Janet Siltanen – Sociology
  • Myron Smith – Biology
  • Dwayne Winseck – Communication
  • Michael Wohl – Psychology

Winners of the 2015 Carleton Faculty Graduate Mentoring Awards

8 winners of the Faculty Graduate Mentoring Awards

Below are the eight winners of the 2015 Faculty Graduate Mentoring Awards.

  • Natasha Artemeva – Linguistics & Applied Language
  • Patricia Ballamingie – Geography and Environmental Studies
  • Cheryl Harasymchuk – Psychology
  • Andrea Howard – Psychology
  • Hans-Martin Jaeger – Political Science
  • Carol Payne – Art History
  • Owen Rowland – Biology
  • Jaffer Sheyholislami – School of Linguistics and Applied Language

Winners of the 2014 Awards

Faculty Graduate Mentoring Award Winners 2015

  • Robert Coplan – Psychology
  • Maria DeRosa – Chemistry
  • Adelle Forth – Psychology
  • Gerald Grant – Sprott School of Business
  • James Opp – History
  • Cristina Rojas – Political Science, NPSIA
  • Marc St-Hilaire – School of Information Technology
  • Garry Tarr – Electronics
  • Sarah Todd – Social Work
  • David Wood – School of Linguistics and Language Studies

Winners of the 2013 Awards

2013 mentoring awards

  • Jit Bose – Computer Science
  • Steven Cooke – Biology
  • Matthew Holahan – Neuroscience
  • Deepthi Kamawar – Cognitive Science & Psychology
  • Evangelos Kranakis – Computer Science
  • Evelyn Maeder – Criminology & Psychology
  • Isaac Otchere – Business
  • Joanna Pozzulo – Psychology
  • Paul Van Geel – Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Paul Van Oorschot – Computer Science

Winners of the 2012 Awards

2012 mentoring award winners

  • Hymie Anisman – Neuroscience and Health Psychology, Canada Research Chair in Neuroscience
  • Andrew Brook – Philosophy and Cognitive Science
  • Aaron Doyle – Sociology and Anthropology, the Institute of Criminology and Criminal Justice & the Institute of Political Economy
  • Linda Duxbury – Sprott School of Business
  • Lenore Fahrig – Biology
  • Matthew Johnson – Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering & Canada Research Chair in Energy and Combustion Generated Air Emissions
  • Nicolas Papadopoulos – Sprott School of Business
  • Timothy Pychyl (Psychology & the School of Linguistics and Language Studies
  • Claire Samson – Earth Sciences
  • Gabriel Wainer – Systems and Computer Engineering

Winners of the 2011 Awards

  • Alfonso Abizaid – Department of Neuroscience
  • Susan Bertram – Department of Biology & Assistant Dean, Faculty of Science
  • Amir Banihashemi – Department of Systems and Computer Science
  • Lorraine Dyke – Sprott School of Business
  • Uma Kumar, – Sprott School of Business & Director, Research Center for Technology Management
  • Jo-Anne LeFevre – Director, Institute of Cognitive Science
  • Banu Örmeci – Canada Research Chair in Wastewater and Public Health Engineering & Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • David Rogers – Canada Research Chair in Medical Physics & Professor, Department of Physics
  • Roland Thomas – Sprott School of Business
  • Bill Willmore – Institute of Biochemistry, Departments of Biology and Chemistry

Winners of the 2010 Awards

  • Sue Aitken – Department of Biology and Institute of Biochemistry
  • Craig Bennell –  Department of  Psychology
  • Josh Greenberg – School of Journalism and Communication S
  • Sheryl  Hamilton – School of Journalism and Communication
  • Louise A.  Heslop –  The Sprott School of Business
  • Norman Hillmer – Department of History
  • Vinod   Kumar – The Sprott School of Business
  • Thomas Kunz – Department of Systems and Computer Engineering
  • Ken Storey –  Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry and Institute of Biochemistry
  • Halim Yanikomeroglu – Department of Systems and Computer Engineering