What is the Faculty Graduate Mentoring Award?

Faculty can have a significant impact on their students, and this award underscores how important mentoring can be to the graduate student experience as well as graduate student success. This award provides the opportunity to celebrate some of Carleton University’s exceptional faculty and the support, guidance, and mentoring they provide to their students.

Professor X is amazing. How do I nominate him/her for this award?

The process is simple. Each individual nominator writes a short statement (no more than 500 words), detailing why the professor has been an exceptional mentor. Please include your name and student number in the letter. This statement should then be saved as a “.pdf” file, attached to an email, and sent to FGPA.EA@cunet.carleton.ca.

I have so much to say! Can I write more than 500 words?

Nominations more than 500 words will not be accepted.

Can I send a nomination in hard copy?

No. Only electronic “.pdf” files will be accepted.

Can I just write my nomination in the body of an email?

No. Only “.pdf” files will be accepted.

Who can nominate someone for this award?

Current and/or former graduate students, faculty, and staff are welcome to submit a nomination. Self-nominations are not permitted.

Can an undergraduate student nominate someone?

The focus of this award is at the graduate level. If you are an undergraduate student, please see the EDC’s website for teaching awards: www.carleton.ca/edc/awards-and-grants/internal-awards/

Can I nominate an adjunct professor?

Unfortunately, no. Adjunct professors are not eligible for this award.

Professor X has been nominated before, but has not won yet. Can I nominate him/her again?

Yes (and please do!).

Professor X has already won this award. Can I nominate him/her again?

Unfortunately, no. The Faculty Graduate Mentoring Award can be won only once in a lifetime.

Can my friends and I submit a group nomination on behalf of all of us?

Group nominations will not be accepted, as only individual nominations can truly reveal how much of an impact a professor has had on each of his/her students. Each individual is to submit a nomination of no more than 500 words as an electronic attachment to FGPA.EA@cunet.carleton.ca.

Who is on the Selection Committee?

The selection committee is comprised of previous winners and is chaired by the Associate Dean (Planning) from the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs.

How many awards are there?

Up to seven awards will be awarded annually to recognize the outstanding contributions faculty members have made to the supervision and research mentorship of graduate students.

Professor X is retired. Can I still nominate him/her?

Retired faculty are not eligible for this award, unfortunately.

I’m not directly supervised by Professor X. Can I still nominate him/her ?

Sure. Current and/or former graduate students, faculty, and staff are welcome to submit a nomination.

When is the party, and am I invited?

A reception for this year’s winners of the award will be held in the New Year. An invitation will be sent to those who nominated one of the winners.

When will I know if the professor I nominated won the award?

The formal announcement will be made public in Feb. or early March. Watch the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs website (http://gradstudents.carleton.ca/) for the announcement.