What is a Dual Master’s Degree?

A Dual Master’s Degree offers students a unique international experience adding significant value to their Master’s degree. They will spend time both at Carleton and a partner institution. The exposure to different cultural and scientific environments will increase their employability after graduation.

This bilateral Master’s level co-enrolment agreement will enable students to simultaneously complete a Master’s program at two institutions in different countries.

A Dual Master’s Degree Agreement between the partner institutions defines an academic pathway (Dual Master’s Degree Pathway) for students to complete their program requirements and fulfill the learning outcomes of both Master’s programs.

How does it work?

Students who have been admitted to an eligible Master’s program at Carleton can apply to the Dual Master’s Degree Pathway. As of December, 2020, Dual Masters options are currently available for programs who have an agreement in place (currently only EURUS and Political Science).

The normal program admissions criteria for both institutions will apply.  Students in the Pathway spend approximately two semesters taking courses at the partner institution, which are structured to support the degree requirements from both institutions and allow the student to finish their studies within the program’s normal time to completion. Students are subject to the rules and regulations at both institutions.

To apply to the Dual Master’s Degree Pathway, students will require (a) written approval from both programs  (b) details on how they will fund their studies abroad (c) where applicable, a written summary of their research project which must be signed by co-supervisors at both institutions; and (d) where applicable, a letter from the co-supervisors from both institutions indicating their agreement to supervise the student under the Dual Master’s Degree Agreement.

Once the student has completed all of the appropriate requirements, they will receive a diploma from each institution that notes that their degree was obtained through a Dual Master’s Degree Agreement. A notation will also be made on their transcript. The names of both institutions will be indicated on each diploma and the transcript.

Registration and Funding Arrangements

Students must be admitted as full-time students at both institutions. One institution will serve as the “home” institution and the other as the “host”. Students will pay tuition fees to their home institution and will not be required to pay tuition fees to the host institution. However, they may be required to pay incidental or administrative fees charged while at the host institution.

Travel, applicable immigration fees, accommodation, health care, and other living expenses will be the responsibility of the student. Carleton “home” students will retain all internal and external scholarships and donor awards, subject to the conditions of such awards.

Dual Master’s Policy

Carleton’s complete Dual Master’s Degree Policy and agreement template can be reviewed on the University’s Senate website.

Contact Information

Questions concerning the Dual Master’s at Carleton can be directed to the Associate Dean, Programs in the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs.