Guidelines regarding Nominal Co-Supervisions with Adjunct Professors and Adjunct Research Professors

As per the Carleton University Senate Policy on Graduate Supervision (April 6, 2006), that individuals holding honorary ranks “are eligible to undertake graduate supervisions, although they would normally be provided with a full-time faculty member as co-supervisor (who may be nominal) to act as the point of contact with the University.”

Ideally, both the faculty member and the Adjunct Professor/Adjunct Research Professor should be fully involved in the co-supervisory process. However, there can be situations where only the AP/ARP has the background necessary to supervise the student’s research. In such cases, a nominal co-supervisor should be appointed. The nominal co-supervisor is not expected to get involved in the student’s research itself, but is to be primarily an administrative help to the student. The purpose is to provide the student with a point of access to the department. Being a nominal co-supervisor should be recognized as a valid administrative item for the faculty member’s annual activity report to the Faculty Dean.

1. The role of the Nominal Co-Supervisor is:

(i). to monitor the student’s progress through the program;

(ii). to ensure the student understands the administrative rules for her/his degree; (iii). to verify that the student’s advisory committee meets on a regular basis;

(iv). to meet briefly with the student at least once per term, and produce a concise report on the student’s progress to be kept in the student’s departmental file;

(v). to provide general support should the student experience difficulties in the program or with the thesis;

(vi). to help the student with other practicalities of conducting research, e.g. how to access university resources etc.

2. With regard to thesis examinations:

(i). the nominal co-supervisor would appear as “ex-officio” on the defense notice. Consequently, participation in the examination would be optional;

(ii). the nominal co-supervisor may not chair the defense.

3. Assignment of Nominal Co-Supervisors:

(i). Only tenured members of the Department should be asked to serve as nominal co- supervisors. The expectation is that the nominal co-supervisor will be available to see the student through to the end of her/his degree;

(ii). Attempts should be made to take into account the faculty member’s individual preferences; (iii).Similarly, student preferences should be considered;

(iv). The Department Chair is responsible for ensuring that all students needing a nominal co- supervisor are assigned one.