Carleton University is pleased to announce the establishment of new graduate programs in Architecture which will begin in September, 2011.

The Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism will now offer a Master of Architectural Studies, a Master of Architecture (Professional) and a Ph.D. in Architecture.

Master of Architectural Studies (MAS)
The MAS program is a 6 credit non-accredited degree for students interested in pursuing in-depth architectural research. Students must ordinarily hold an undergraduate degree in architectural studies. Students who possess an honours degree in a related discipline, may be considered for admission to this program on the basis of a demonstrated and exceptional research ability and high academic standing. Students who complete the MAS program may be considered for admission to the Ph.D. program in Architecture.

For more information about the MAS program, visit our website.

Master of Architecture (Professional)
The Master of Architecture (Professional) program is a studio based degree program. The program stresses creativity and innovation within theoretical and practical parameters.

There are two paths available to students in this program.

  • Students entering the program with an undergraduate BAS in Design will follow a 10-credit curriculum culminating in a two-credit thesis [M.Arch].
  • Students entering with a Bachelor of Architectural Studies (Urbanism, Conservation & Sustainability, or Philosophy & Criticism) or an Honours Degree in an unrelated field, will follow a 15.5 credit curriculum [M.Arch 1] culminating in a two-credit Directed Research Thesis.

For more information about the Master of Architecture (Professional) program and the two paths, visit our website.

Ph.D. in Architecture
Carleton University’s Ph.D. in Architecture is an innovative, comprehensive doctoral program that fuses research with critical practice in architecture. Exceptionally talented and thoughtful architects are invited to undertake original, speculative, and experimental research within the well-established trinity of pathos, ethos, and logos which has come to distinguish the Azrieli School of Architecture at Carleton. At the Azrieli School of Architecture & Urbanism, doctoral projects will draw on the interrelated genetic, performative, and reflective aspects of architecture, design and material process.

For more information about the Ph.D. in Architecture program, visit our website.

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