The READ Initiative and the Coordinated Accessibility Strategy (CAS) are proud to announce the two inaugural Student Accessibility Champions who are helping to shape and inform accessibility across campus.

Patricia Berube, a PhD candidate in Cultural Mediation who, in addition to being part of the READi (Research, education, Accessibility and Innovation) program, is engaged in innovative research focused on making visual arts more accessible to visually impaired audiences.

Rebecca Andre, is a fourth-year Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies student with a minor in Disability Studies and a recipient of the prestigious Dr. John Davis Burton Award, which recognizes students who make significant contribution toward awareness and equality for persons with disabilities within the educational community.

Both Andre and Berube are now working with CAS and the READ Initiative to help inform the many critically important projects the READ Initiative is leading, all of which are contributing toward the creation of more universally accessible experiences for persons with disabilities across campus, within the community and across the country.

To learn more about these projects that are helping to inform the accessibility agenda in our community and across the country, visit

The Student Accessibility Champion program has been generously supported through donations made by the Carleton community to the READ FutureFunder Campaign.  For more information about how you can participate as a Student Accessibility Champion drop us a note to

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