–The following story was written by Taia Goguen-Garner

Fleur EsteronAvailability, affordability and accessibility, these are the three A’s of food security. Fleur Esteron, a PhD student in Communication, is working hard to make sure that the voices of those who live in food insecurity are heard.

Esteron’s research examines the role of power and knowledge discourses in the food movement.

“For decades, the food movement has been attempting to move towards food security for all,” explains Esteron. “It’s my belief that this great work towards food security and food justice is being overshadowed by the growth of alternative food initiatives, which tend to cost more and are inaccessible to most people.”

Esteron initially became interested in this area of research during a first year Nutrition course at Ryerson University. Since then, she has volunteered at many different organizations to learn more about the field. One of her more significant volunteer endeavours was with FoodShare, a nonprofit organization that works with communities around Toronto to deliver healthy food and food education.

“FoodShare’s been around for over 30 years and their history is fascinating, but notably, their work is firmly rooted in food security and food justice,” says Esteron. Her Major Research Paper focused on this organization and she then joined FoodShare as a Communication Intern.

“My current research is for the community food organizations, those living in food insecurity, and those who are consistently at the margins. I research and write in order to amplify their voices.”

Dr. Irena Knezevic and Dr. Merlyna Lim have been Esteron’s supervisors throughout her studies. Dr. Knezevic’s area of research looks at food systems, food labelling and heath communication. Dr. Lim is a Canada Research Chair in Digital Media and Global Network Society.

“They both understand that I come from a nutrition background and continuously work with me to strengthen my knowledge on theories that I don’t have a firm grasp on. In addition, I believe that I get the best of both worlds since their writing style and research activities differ, yet they are both relevant to my chosen research.”

Esteron has received the Ontario Graduate Scholarship as well as the Sons of Maxwell Award.

She is set to continue her work as a Research Assistant as well as a Teaching Assistant for various communication classes.

For more information about the PhD in Communication, please click here.

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